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Financial & Enterprise Management Solution(FEMaS)

MIT FEMaS solution is one of the unique enterprise solution in the market. It allows you to perform day to day operation including CRM, Procurement & L/C, Fund Management, Project Management, General Ledger, Human Resource Management, Asset Management, Custodian, Distribution & POS, Manufacturing, Inventory Management and Intelligent Customer. It is very simple, user friendly and designed in such a way so that any user with very basic computer operating knowledge can operate the system and perform the daily task in organized way and speed up the work. It is capable to notify the end customer about the new product through SMS and also capable to response to customer query. general & financial enterprise worldwide. FEMaS is comFEMaSted for providing latest VAS Solutions and Services that include carrier grade multi modal applications, based on GSM, CDMA & 3G telecommunication technology. FEMaS team is always looking forward for new solution for GSM, CDMA & 3G telecommunication network as well as general corporate & financial enterprise. FEMaS is also engaged in providing next-generation mobile value added services for mobile operators, content providers and financial enterprises using the latest technology.

Selecting MIT FEMaS means selecting software that is technologically advanced, yet simple to use. MIT FEMaS includes all necessary features which together offer a broad spectrum of functions ideal for manufacturing, wholesale distribution and service companies.


» Bank » Lease- Finance » Insurance

» Textile & Garment » Chemicals » Food & Beverage » Paint & Ink » Pharmaceuticals » Leather & Footwear

» Construction Contractors » Infrastructure » Industrial Services » EPCI Engineering » Property Developer

» Retail » Wholesale » Distribution

Why Use FEMaS?

Short implementation times, excellent price/performance ratio, platform independence, reliability, user friendliness, adaptability, multilingual, and the most satisfied customers in the industries are all reasons for choosing FEMaS.

Rapid Deployment

When you choose to implement FEMaS Business Software, you will immediately notice the flexibility of the software and efficient implementation strategies. FEMaS implementations are 25% shorter than industry standards, delivering a consistent ROI for EMaS customers. Years of experience have helped us build a reliable, predictable and effective implementation methodology.

Excellent Price/Performance ratio

FEMaS has been distinguished as having one of the best price/performance ratios in the industry. With its extensive functionality, flexibility, and ease of use, clients quickly realize many of the benefits of using EMaS. These benefits include increased productivity, improved transparency, greater competitive strength, superior service and much more. All of this at a very reasonable price makes the FEMaS price/performance ratio hard to beat.

Always new Technology

The entire FEMaS system is continually being developed and improved. The system will never become outdated; every year the source code is upgraded, reviewed or enhanced. FEMaS strives to stay on the forefront of the latest technology developments to enhance customer benefits.

A Secure Investment for the Future

FEMaS continual upgrade strategy guarantees your business software will be just as valuable in the future as it is today. A new version of the FEMaS Business Software is provided each year, adding new functions and adopting new technologies, ensuring FEMaS users are always up-to-date with the latest technology. The FEMaS upgrade strategy guarantees a 24hour annual upgrade that is seamless and requires no re-implementation.

Easy to Change, Always Up-to-Date

FEMaS Business Software is an excellent solution for your company because it can take your company‘s specific requirements, such as business processes, screens and database structures, and easily integrate them into the ERP software and change them to fit your organizational structure. When the upgrade is completed, your individual modifications such as screen fields, custom reports, new functions and macros will not be affected and you can continue using the same functions made for your individual business.