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The FEMaS is a free cloud based ERP solution. Anyone can use it without buying the software. FEMaS is copyright to Bangladesh Microtechnology Ltd. However if any customer need support to implement and operate FEMaS then they can get support from Bangladesh Microtechnology Limited by paying following support fee.

Support Mode Description Implementation Fee (One Time) Support Fee (monthly)
Electronic Menu + Online Ordering Applicable for Restaurant and e-commerce. In this package support will provide for POS which is combined of e-Menu and e-ordering module. 20,000 BDT 3,000 BDT
All Modules Online Only In support packages will be provided for all module online 50,000 BDT 5,000 BDT
All Modules Online + Onsite In packages support will be provided for all module online and there will be 8 days per month onsite support 70,000 BDT 7,000 BDT
All Modules Onsite Dedicated Support There will be on site resource for the implementation and training 100,000 BDT 30,000 BDT

Free Value Added Services With Support fee:
Domain registration and hosting, free email marketing to FEMaS cloud members and free face book marketing.
Note: For onsite support outside of Dhaka city the transportation, accommodation and food cost will be charged on actual basis.

Customer can also buy necessary hardware from BDMiT:
Item Description Unit Price
Desktop Computer Core i3, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Monitor, Key Board, Mouse 40,000 BDT
Complete POS System Desktop, Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanner, POS Printer 100,000 BDT
Cash Drawer 320 Multi PRO Interface for all 24V printers and terminals, Painted Front, Dual Media Slots, Standard Fixed 5 bill/5 coin till. 10,500 BDT
Barcode Scanner Honeywell (Metrologic) Laser Barcode scanner 12,000 BDT
POS Printer Thermal Receipt Printer, Auto-cutter, Ethernet Interface. Includes Ethernet Cable and Power supply. Color: Black 16,000 BDT
TAB Walton Walpad 8X 15,999 BDT
Attendance Device IP65, outdoor water proof fingerprint access control built in ID Card 25,000 BDT
RFID Card Per piece 60 BDT
UPS 1200 VA 5,500 BDT

SMS Rate:
Package “Pay as you go” Price Per SMS in BDT (Masking) Price Per SMS in BDT (Long Code)
Per SMS 0.65 BDT 0.25 BDT

Personal Customization and other system integration:
The FEMaS cloud solution comes with best industry practice and standard graphical design. However customer can do customization according their perusal need and choice. If customer needs immediate customization then customization fee will be charged @ of 15,000 Tk per man day and the man day will be set mutually.

Data Migration & Data Preparation:
If customer needs to migrate data from existing system and file or need to prepare customize data then BDMiT will provide data migration & preparation service at the cost of 500 Tk per man day.

Payment Terms:
Item Remarks Payment Mode
1 Support Fee Support terms must be bought at least for 6 months. Advance
2 Implementation Fee Implementation is one time. It is included necessary data migration Advance

**All prices quoted above are exclusive of all applicable VAT and TAX.**

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